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May I offer you some Jesus? 22 6, 4:57pm


I think part of the problem is that as it achieved power it of course started to accumulate the sort of people who seek power. Who can gain advantage from conflict and persecution of groups as well as spreading division and hatred. Its often said that by making Christianity the religion of the empire Constantine 'saved' it by giving it unity but if you actually read up on the history as well as persecution of any non-Christians the empire was riven with internal conflict between just about every sect as they all claimed to be the one true faith and all the others heretics. :(

Also like Judaism before it and to a degree at least Zoroastrianism, plus of course Islam afterwards, by claiming to be the only true faith its at heart a totalitarian belief system. Such regimes always tend toward intolerance and brutal oppression of any dissent. Note I'm not say that all monotheists feel this way as there are many/most who are good people and seek to live peaceably with others. However I suspect its as much because they have become good people despite rather than because of the power systems in charge of the religions they follow.