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May I offer you some Jesus? 23 6, 7:45pm

@stevep59 First, sorry for my possible mistakes, my english is always bad when I don't have a coffee before :)

You obviously know the case more than me, so I will not try to fully correct you on any point. Actually keep in mind that religions before Christianism were actually pretty violent, the celtic "wicker man" is not a legend, taxes and discriminations based on religion was to a point that even people who had problems with the establishment had interest into convertion to christianism and early christianism was definitely much more convenient than any other established religions.

I didn't choose Buddhism and Shinto for nothing as both religion are polytheist and had a very brutal and very systematic intolerance to other religions in Japan and Korea for an extented period of time. A number of gods doesn't really play a role about tolerance. It's more linked to humans and how they value their norms and values, yes originally dicted by religion.

But it's true, later, as Christianism tried to be the only religion in Europe, nicean-christians struggled against both non-christians and arian christians and had a much more proselyth way of working. I've often heared that Ukraine became Christians because Islam was more powerful and more aggressive but Ukrainian would have never accepted a religion forbidding eating pork and drinking alcohol. Definitely Christians would have not accepted an islamic country.

About the Catholism in Japan I think we didn't understand each other. :)
As you already know it, it's hard to explain but let's show it like that, please let me skip the names, I'm sure I'll switch them :

Japanese shogun -> doesn't like Christians
Japanese shogun -> likes money
Catholics -> get money from trade with the japanese shogun
Japanese shogun -> get money from trade with portuguese Catholics
Japanese shogun -> tolerates Catholics
Protestants -> want money from Japan
Protestants -> convince the japanese shogun to fight against Catholism
Second Japanese shogun -> finally forbids Christianism and starts a religious cleansing
Third japanese shogun -> Two centuries later is forced by the American Matthew Perry to open the borders and is forced to let missions enter into Japan

From this time the number of Catholics in Japan will increase, specially in Nagasaki, for the bombs it was a half-joke as it even led to a conspiracy (that I do not share) but it's a fact that Catholic community have been particularly touched by the explosion of the nuclear bomb at Nagasaki.

All that to say that back in 476, the christianism only started to become a problem the for the Western Roman Empire but that was definitely the missing of a strong army due to massive economic problems.

For the Eastern Roman Empire... Ok lost crusades, and regular attacks from muslims led to the fall of Constantinople.