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Masquerade 1 8, 5:37am

Forcing people to stay home is just not an option here. We have an aversion to the government forcing us to do such things so even when in our best interest it can be seen as tyrannical. Trump could order it, but the Democrats would be sure to turn even the Republicans against him with a media blitz on it and he'd have to declare martial law in some states.

Even so, many states did flatten the curve. My state uses masks to prevent the curve from returning. Our biggest issue is that those in charge of our state neglected to engage the illegal immigrant populations who are rather disconnected so weren't as well informed and are atm the biggest outbreaks. Luckily they seem to be working with them now. I still don't know anyone who has had it though.

Really, it's all New York, they alone spread the virus to most the country. We should have closed travel out of that state. News makes it out as bad here mostly by making comparisons of totals to small countries, but it isn't bad. Many states are barely affected and smaller cities and towns are much less affected. We have 24 states with more people than New Zealand and I think 8 with more land and each state has it's own way of doing things and it's own government. They even have their own constitutions. A state governor has all the powers of a president. So lumping all the states together and directly comparing that to any one country is meaningless. The media leave that part out. The best you can do there is using ratios (per million people), but it still suggests the actions to stop this are coming from the federal government. Our country's response is that of individual states, not a country as a whole. The feds assist and advise states, only acting when the state has failed or a common need arises like needing virus tests and vaccines.

With the rioting & looting... no, it isn't America that would rather do all that. It's our political parties and our polarized media. None of them have the country's well being in mind and the majority of people get their information from the news on TV (CNN, FOX, ABC, etc...), but that same media is siding with one party or the other. It's all talk shows, not the objective news most people think they are. So the information we get ends up being what they want us to hear and people react as they wanted them to react.

These riots didn't need to happen, the media could have reported in such a way as to help calm people down, but instead they use aggressive wording and air stories with the intent to fuel the fire. They essentially have been inciting violence. At this point I'd like our media to be taken to the courts for causing the riots. It's all political, to make the current president look bad (as if he needs help).

There are people out there working to fix the problems with police, but such stories are ignored for the latest riot which they'll call a peaceful protest as if police just out of the blue started attacking. With all this going on and no source of information untainted by one party or the other, it's no wonder things are how they are right now. Right now the media is on their final push, I doubt all this crap will let up until the elections are over (I'm serious, watch for the pressure release). We can only hope the virus can be kept in check until then and masks seem a good way to do that for now. :(