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Masquerade 12 8, 5:59am

LOL, no, masks don't work. It's partially a virtue-signaling fad among leftists trying to demonstrate how conscientious they are, combined with constant apocalyptically negative news coverage in the mainstream media such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, which constantly emphasizes how horrible the situation with the virus is, how hydroxychloroquine absolutely does not work (it's supposed to be that plus azithromycin plus zinc, btw), as well as the phenomenon of scaring people half to death by constantly repeating scary anecdotes about young people or children getting sick or dying from the bug, or even people catching it twice, even though they're very rare events.

Seriously, if the news media behaved this negatively during World War II, they'd be charged with treason, or at the very least accused of working for the Axis. There was even a survey done which found that Americans and Britons thought the virus was 200 times deadlier than it actually is. Great job, news media. Greeeat joobb.