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God Hates Sweden 12 8, 3:15pm

I'm finnish. I remember being forced to pray before dinner in daycare and preschool. I still remember the Our Father prayer word for word even though i've always been an atheist. I even one told a priest, at my youngest brother's christening when i was four or five, that there was no god. I remember because it was caught on video.

Somehow the child-me never realized, despite the aforementioned forced prayers and my sibling's baptisms, that the adults actually believed in this God guy. I was under the impression they were some kind of weird rituals like sauna, easter bunny, and santa claus.

I was outright terrified when i grew to learn that not only is religion widely believed, but actively attempted to force on everybody on the planet one way or the other at this exact moment.That adult people, mentally healthy adult people with jobs and education, believe in and worship a magic man in the sky. I was even more shocked when i noticed they had brainwashed my little brother into some kind of a fundamentalist at age 12.

Often i just wish that every religious person on Earth would somehow be struck dead. Imagine what we as a species and as a society could achieve without them violently (see religious terrorists, american mass shooters, and the like) or politically (see american politics, built-on-religious-bias education, and the very existence of the abortion debate) hindering our development.