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Masquerade 12 8, 5:02pm


Sounds very much like the sort of mentality that during the mid stages of WWII - i.e. the 1st part of US direct involvement were arguing "why should we be forced to switch off our lights simply because those lights are being used by U boats to aid in sinking shipping off our coastline". If you want to keep killing Americans keep spreading rumours like that. Its interesting that areas that have taken steps to prevent the spread have seen drastic drops in infection and fatalities, like New York which was the biggest hot-spot initially. Its the more reckless areas especially across the south that are seeing rapid growth in infections and fatalities. Note that recorded deaths from the virus - and there are no doubt many not recorded - is currently ~164k. In about 10 years of war in Vietnam the US suffered ~58k so if you think something that kills roughly three times that number in ~6 months is a trivial issue that says a lot about your priorities.

Masks are bloody uncomfortable but they do work in hindering the spread of the virus, along with probably numerous others less lethal ones. They don't protect the wearer but prevent people who have the virus but don't know it spreading it to others.

"hydroxychloroquine absolutely does not work (it's supposed to be that plus azithromycin plus zinc, btw)" - well there's no evidence that the combination works either, other than the ranting of a pathological liar who repeatedly only usually only mentions azithromycin. His view ego has been responsible for a lot of deaths as he has repeated denied the evidence because he see admitting there's a problem as some sort of blow to his prestige, which is obviously more important to him than tens of thousands of Americans dying.

News medias in WWII often failed to report levels of deaths and leadership cock-ups, especially in imperial Japan, fascist Germany and communist Russia. I wonder why? ;)