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Masquerade 13 8, 12:25am

@stevep59 War deaths are a bad comparison. The U.S. has close to 3 million deaths every single year anyway, and those who die from this disease are almost entirely old and sick who would have died in a year or two anyway. War deaths are mainly young men who have their entire lives ahead of them. Completely different.

And you're quite ignorant about lockdown policy -- it's clear that it doesn't have any effect at all once community spread starts. New York got hit badly in March and April -- it was recording as many deaths as Italy for about a week, despite having only one-third the population -- and that managed to give it herd immunity. That's why it appears to be "working" now -- herd immunity, not the lockdown policies. The southern and western states were never hit on a large scale until June -- and this includes the leftist states of California, Oregon, and Washington, which had and have had lockdown policies as strict as New York's, but still got hit along with the rest of the country which hadn't had it before. And sure enough, now that it has hit every part of the country, it's now in decline. Funny how that works. Herd immunity ftw.

Our news media reports on nothing BUT levels of deaths and leadership cockups... so there you go!