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Masquerade 14 8, 4:34pm

@DerDings I don't even think it's that actually - if you go back early on quite a few sources actually said "DO NOT WEAR masks," from the CDC director to our own Fauci. If I recall correctly back then it was "Please stop buying masks so our doctors can actually use it" and "masks shouldn't be too much of an issue because the coronavirus wasn't spread across the Us enough to warrant it." Keep in mind at the time I THINK the vast majority of Covid cases were in New York.

And then Trump took it a step further, not only calling it a 'democratic hoax,' but when those same health organizations and officials realized how much trouble we were in and started calling for people to wear masks, he just kept saying "No, we don't need masks - we're fine, we have it under control, the democrats are just trying to scare you." Trump basically turned mask-wearing into a political thing and.... yeah, when that happens, stuff got out of control fast with the mask wearing. A LOT of the people that don't wear masks are the people that kind of ascribe to heavily political "THIS IS OUR FREEDOM" thing that Trump has been spouting, so when he says something they listen, and unfortunately they follow his example and listen despite reality.

Honestly, we were just too under prepared in the beginning stages, and then when things started taking off it just spiraled out of control due to political reasons. Unfortunately, spiraling out of control due to political reasons happens way too often in the great "united" states of america.