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Loop 16 10, 4:18am

Normally I would defend the US in regards to this, but we actually do have this problem now and it's only getting worse. Debtors prisons officially went away a century ago, but 20 years ago, they unofficially came back. It started in Alabama, because of course it did, but now it's in literally half of all prisons and jails in the US. It's a sick joke, as prisons don't actually collect any significant amount of money from the inmates. Technically the inmates can't be sent back merely for owing money, but part of the requirements for parole or early release are that you have gainful employment. Legally speaking, this means no "under the table" jobs, i.e., the work that's being paid off of the record books, so there's no way to avoid having the government garnish the wages. Good luck trying to get your life back together if you can only find menial, low paying work even before the government takes a huge chunk out of it. Is it any wonder that recidivism is so high?

But there is something we can do. First, be aware of the problem. Second, be aware of which politicians are actively working to expand this atrocity or to fix the system. And third, obviously, VOTE if you are able.