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Can you imagine the clipshow? 16 10, 8:24am

Oh yes.
"Gone with the Wind", "Birth of a Nation". Huge propaganda films/books. Famous and beloved. Complete white supremacist propaganda.

Nearly all the history books for that post-civil-war time frame were all written by white supremacists too. It's a lot easier to get half (or all... see Lincoln's famous "some of the people" bit) of a country to believe your revisionist history if there's no competing history to refute it.

You (who sound like you are from the Northern states?) probably didn't know that in the 10 years following the end of the civil war, 16 African-Americans served in Congress. (How many are there right now, I wonder?) It wasn't so much a slow, difficult progression of civil rights; it was immediate freedom and great progress for about 10 years... followed by massive backsliding. Black people were suddenly free and... the country didn't fall into chaos; in fact the newly freed blacks were doing fantastically. That's a big part of what those Deep South revisionists of yours want to stay buried.