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Loop 16 10, 2:58pm

Saw a few comments about USA prisons, but it's even worse.

You know that free lawyer the state provides? In states and counties (I believe, not my country) getting your free lawyer may require money. So imagine not being able to pay a $20 parking ticket, you can't afford a lawyer so you get a state appointed one. That one has a good few minutes time to prepare your case because they're overworked, so they'll go for a plea. Then you get a bill that you can't pay so go back to start, do not pass go, you do not receive even $20.

In other situations it's the *parole* (I think that's the correct term) office(rs) that costs money. Now with a criminal record (you did plea guilty after all) you can't get many jobs and even if you do, the office(r) sets the appointment. So you have a choice between keeping your job, not meeting the parole officer and going back to square one, or loosing your job and not fufilling the parole terms etc; go back to start, don't pass go, no $2 (but you do still get send the bills though).

I'm sure you can find a better explanation video on YT, but they're basically deptors prison even though that was banned ... say 190 years ago? Not sure on the exact date, I'm thinking 1830s