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Well Endowned 20 10, 9:27am

Every time I hear or see mention of teenagers wearing their pants down past their hips, it sends me running to Youtube, trying (again) to find a clip of comedian Alonzo Bodden, telling the story of the origin of that fashion trend. I can never find it. :(

It's much, much funnier out of his mouth, but I'll try:

Alonzo has a nephew, who liked to wear his pants down with his underwear showing, as is somehow a fad in rap music videos.
Alonzo sits him down to explain where that comes from.
The fad started inside the prisons, and sometimes is shown in prison shows or movies, included for accuracy, but never with an explanation, of why the skinny, personable guy who seems to know everyone's deal has his pants pulled below his hips.
See there's a lot of tough, macho, dangerous men in prison (which is probably why teens are imitating this trend) However there are also a lot of little sissy boys, who very quickly found themselves recruited to be the big fella's "girlfriend" on, like the first day they arrived. Some of them got used to it. Some of them even found they liked it. Not to mention, being the "girlfriend" of one of the biggest guys in prison means most other people won't mess with you. It's safer. Prison sentences rarely line up perfectly, and sometimes the Big Guy leaves, and our skinny "girlfriend" (who, remember, has decided he kinda likes being the "girlfriend" by now) find himself in the market for a new Big Guy to bend over for. How should he advertise that his back road is now open to any and new comers? Well it's very straightforward and unsubtle: he walks around the yard with his waistband down under his ass cheeks, for ease of access for whomever wants to take him up on his "offer".
Soon as Alonzo finishes telling this story to his nephew, the nephew yanked his pants up so fast he gave himself a wedgie, and the next time Alonzo saw him, he's got them up to his nipples like Erkel, firmly secured with three different belts!