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God Hates Sweden 20 10, 10:17pm

@Sisu #9839203

Ironically, for "every religious person on Earth would somehow be struck dead", would require a deliberate and very specific Act of God.

I honestly doubt the world would become as paradise-like as you imagine. Most of the worst monsters in our species are motivated by simple greed, selfishness, a lust for power, hatred and a lack of empathy or compassion. Religion is merely their tool for gaining a lot of fanatical supporters to assist them in their self-serving atrocities. If you'll look, horrible leaders today are quite able to motivate large groups of ignorant people by convincing them of fairly nonsensical things, without even needing to bring god into it. Look at Trump and his magical wall that Mexico will pay for! (Or whatever civil right and protection he's trying to destroy this week... I've stopped keeping track).