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Masked Sarcasm 6 11, 1:05am

From the gym 2 days ago:
"Bro, masks cut off the air supply. You are breathing in carbon dioxide, suffocating you!"

From the gym 2 years ago, from the exact same person:
"You gotta try this high altitude training mask. It constricts air supply, like the runners at high altitudes, so when you take it off you get so much oxygen you are running at super speeds!"

I'm also convinced that the same people who bought up all the masks early on, even though many were telling us that due to supply shortages to please leave them for the medical professionals, are the ones now refusing to wear masks. As for the idea that "hospitals have different supply chains than stores, why would buying out the store harm the hospitals?", well, money talks, and when people are willing to pay, the stores find a way to get it stocked. Not just the WalMarts, but the shady corner stores and so forth get them all stocked. Notably, there was a case early on of a NYC store owner (Amardeep Singh, if you want to look him up) getting into some sort of fight with government officials who were seizing "his" masks, even though he was warned 7 times not to sell masks and other personal protective equipment.