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Masked Sarcasm 6 11, 9:08am

@Cris 1. I have seen several "main" arguments against masks, but that one makes no sense given that mask guidelines make sure to explicitly indicate that you should NEVER touch the surface of a mask, and in cases where that has happened accidentally or because there was no other way, the hands must be disinfected right away with hand sanitizer or water and soap.
2. Masks are required under the current circumstances to block drops of saliva on which the virus is contained, while doctors, mainly surgeons, wear them partly to block anything that may come from the patient (saliva, blood, pus...) and partly to block their own saliva so that drops of it (charged with bucal bacteria, and perhaps viruses) do not fall inside the patient's wounds (as it may cause an infection).

The drawing as it's presented shows a patient worried that the surgeon not wearing a mask may cause him an hospital infection and the doctor replies that "someone told him that they don't work", i.e. they do nothing to prevent drops of saliva from the wearer to reach other people, which is an argument quite a lot of people (that aren't you; not everybody is you) repeat to call for the end of mask requirements.