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Masked Sarcasm 8 11, 1:09am

Please help educate my fellow Swedes on this. When I got a new job in early october I had to take the bus there. As a precaution to people around me I willingly chose to wear a mask (there is no mask regulations in Sweden for public places). however, this does not mean that I am protected against the virus, it means IF I would get the virus, it could help from letting everyone around me be infected.

However, I don't know in the short amount of times (before my office closed due to one coleague getting the virus) that people would be almost to my face because they think, oh, she is safe. No, it's not just about that. If Anders Tegnell preaches social distancing, and that is the only thing we have as a standard meassure apart from washing our hands all the time, then please, do not walk up to me just because I'm wearing a mask.

Now I am working from home and will probably do so until after Christmas, but even so, if I have one more person try to sit next to me I will make my own social distancing gimmick, just to get it through everyone's brains. Yes, we all are annoyed at how long it has been going on, SO WHAT! At least it's not a bubonic plague, it won't wipe half of humanity away, but there are people in this world who could have more severe symptoms.

Btw, for those who ask why I am terrified of this despite only being in my 30's. I live with my mother, who is 60+ and has high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the more common diagnosis for those who go to intensive care due to the virus. No, I do not want to infect her with it, I lost my brother in April and my father died to cancer in 2015. I will not lose my mother so soon, if I can help it.

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