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Masked Sarcasm 20 11, 8:30pm

@mellyrn Ah, yes, I love the irony of it all.

Trump votes by mail, yet says voting by mail is fraud unless it's for him. How is that not a massive red flag? How is that not blatant hypocrisy and the most anti-american statement? Just for a moment, think about if it was a Democrat saying the same thing. You'd be furious and rightly call it out as hypocrisy, but because it's your winning team, you support it?

Group think is a scary thing. Trumps voters also tend to be the people that get screwed most by Republican policy, the poor country folk that need health care and education, housing and food because their jobs don't pay them enough to survive. Yet they bend over and say "please daddy, give me more" because they are so used to seeing red.

The two party system is a joke and not a democracy at all, both sides suck, but there is something just disturbing about voting against your own interests.