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Masked Sarcasm 20 11, 8:41pm

@Shitzadorina Covid or not you have a right to tell people to get out of your personal space.
I'm an citizen in Sweden, but not born here. I was under the impression that most Swedes keep to themselves and try to not be near each other physically because that's awkward. Not sure why people are doing that.

I'd say to tell them to back off. if you become un-liked, oh well. More important for you to be safe than possibly offend the sensibilities of people who are also wrong to be doing what they are doing in the first place.

Maybe to go with s_p_oneil's idea, instead right 6 meters with little people on each side of the arrow on the mask? Also to be a bit cheeky, since it drives me nuts when I see it, outline the nose where the nose should be for those who wear masks, but for some dumb reason take it off to talk or wear it below their nose?

I dunno, I'm personally sick of people being so incredibly obtuse with this, even in places that are statistically doing better.

Everyone and their mother just got tired of waiting and decided with out any form of okay that things were safer to just start hanging out in groups, being too close at grocery stores and visiting family at retirement homes.

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