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A very snowy hill 19 2, 12:08am

@CorruptUser And you're forgetting that there are 10K wind turbines in Texas and only about 300 of them failed. So if the entire electrical grid is dependent upon 300 turbines, my god those must be the most efficient turbines ever and we should build more of them and put in the work of maintaining them. Those same turbines are used in Greenland and Sweden and Norway and Germany and they don't seem to have so much trouble with cold temperatures.

This isn't the first time the electrical grid of Texas failed. Same thing happened in 2011: The moisture in the NG pipes froze, meaning the NG-powered electrical plants couldn't generate electricity. Same thing happened in 1989. But somehow, the Green New Deal, which doesn't even exist, is so powerful that it can warp time and space and cause blackouts decades in the past.