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A very snowy hill 20 2, 3:14am

I think my favorite part is how basically the entire State of Texas is just officially, openly admitting that they're not even close to being as tough as the State of Iowa. I mean, just looking at the factual comparison:

1.) 42% of our power up here already comes from wind (plus 2% other renewables);
2.) On temps, we get every single year what Texas got this past week, and we never have any problems;
3.) Even looking at just this past cold snap, what were we getting? We were getting -30 temps with -40 wind chills (-35 and -40 for you C-users out there), and yet, the only ones of us who lost any power were a few voluntary rolling blackouts in the western part of the state, for customers who literally *opted in* for that;
4.) Our highest-profile senator is literally 87 years old (and was also a major part of why Iowa even has windpower), yet he didn't feel the need to take a trip to Cancun just because the weather got cold.

And that's before we even really dig into the *rich* irony where the same guy who thinks an insurrection at the Capitol, fomented by lies about the election, is too political to hold anyone accountable for... that same guy now wants to use the weather as an excuse to push his own political agenda, consisting of lies about a technology that his own northern Republican neighbors are currently experiencing zero problems with.

Turns out, the problem with electing people who don't believe in having a functioning government, is that as soon as they get in office, they suddenly have the power to turn their beliefs into the reality.