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Social get together 8 4, 2:26pm

@Joggar In moments such as these I will make a conscious effort to remain calm. I will remember the person I am speaking with likely has little-few physical or mental health issues. You are also possibly a child or a teenager and therefore inexperienced. There are many people throughout the world and currently in your life though you will not be aware of it, who have received the same response you just gave @Thesunmaid. Do you have a Brazilian cousin with a collapsed lung who’s been constantly staying inside for the past solid year? Well, that’s them. That’s their life, that’s their decision. You don’t know @Thesunmaid, you’ve never met @Thesunmaid, you don’t know their life. Yes, there is a balance that should be made – if someone keeps a stash of oxygen tanks with them in the hall closet and going outside for 2 minutes causes them to bring a tank with them, then yes, they should be taking extra precautions such as not going outside for unnecessary things. They have to make sacrifices you likely don’t even ever have to think about. But again, you don’t know their life. Every situation is different, it’s just about trying to mitigate the assholes who insist they should be allowed to go outside because they’re supposedly healthy, and the assholes who use their illness as an excuse to go out out once in a while. I am not accusing @Thesunmaid of doing that, I just know those people exist. “So then stay home” is akin to telling a deaf person “You shouldn’t be outside at night” - what are they supposed to do, lock themselves away? I have severe OCD (OCD is neurological, no it is not a cleaning obsession), so does that mean I should avoid situations with a lot of stress or anxiety? Should I just be coddled? Is my father who has had pneumonia 4 times in the past 3 years supposed to not go out during the pandemic? He’s supposed to stay inside while anybody else can go out to the park and shopping for jewellery? How about the fact he has to work, he has no choice? Are you getting it now? So the next time you see or hear something you think you should jump on and you’re going to get applause/likes/thumbs ups for it, I am asking you as politely as possible to think first.