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Superhero movies got nothing on Danish cinema 25 5, 6:23pm

@Steeeve IDK, I liked the year were the movie "Parasite" won and many people lost their shit an anger because "Joker is a commentary on society!!!!"...So was Parasite, and that one was actually realistic and something I would expect to hear on the news.
That was a fun year to at least look at the drama it caused.

The Oscar is indeed just a joke. For example, I remember how praised The wolf on Wallstreet was, because it won an Oscar, to the point I gave it a shot. I could not finish it. I found it plain awful and will never understand why it won a prize. Same goes for so many other movies. The Oscar, or most of these big events were they only invite/ nominate millionaires, its really just a celebrity jerking fest and make stupid fans think these people are some sort of demi Gods.

Moral of the story? Don't be a hipster that would rather die than watch something lots of people talk about. But also have low expectations for everything, as popular does not really equal good either. It can just be better marketing.