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Superhero movies got nothing on Danish cinema 25 5, 7:41pm

SWEDEN: Nevermind.
NORWAY: I've got an idea. Let's watch one of Finland's movies!
SWEDEN: Oh God, no...
NORWAY: No, no, not one of those he made with your sister.
SWEDEN: Pheeew, good. I saw this one set during the Winter War where she travelled to Finland as a... volunteer.
NORWAY: Oh. What was the title?
SWEDEN: "Finlands kuk är min."
NORWAY: Oh, bloody hell...


SWEDEN: Hey, Finland! I liked that movie you made!
FINLAND: ............
DENMARK: You know, the one with just fourteen lines of dialogue!
SWEDEN: The one which was set... I dunno, it was the countryside or a city. It was full of trees, anyway, and looked like a shithole.
FINLAND: ..........Could you be more specific?
NORWAY: Uh, the women were all angry and standoffish, and all the men were drunk.
FINLAND: Could you narrow it down a little?
SWEDEN: Uh... It looked cheap. The budget must've been tiny.
NORWAY: The men were all fat and ugly, and the women looked like corpses.
SWEDEN: Jesus Christ, Finland...
NORWAY: Yeah, I thought Denmark was bad...