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A very snowy hill 31 5, 4:16am

@Isdaril - The power production is also a complex issue. Combustion engines are, by themselves, not that different from electric ones when it comes to environmental issues and might be even better because they do not generate losses on energy transfer (from power plant to substation to charging station to car) and oil drilling is arguably less damaging that coal mining (especially open-pit mining and especially that of lignite). Electric vehicles only start to be environmentally friendly when the electricity is produced in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. from renewable or at least cleaner resources.

Thus, in my opinion, a pressure to shift from gas cars to electric ones makes completely no sense, if it is not accompanied by the pressure to shift from fossil fuels to renewable or cleaner sources of electric energy. And the latter is quite difficult, because you can only use wind, sun and water when you have it in abundance (good luck using solar power in areas with arctic nights). We all need more and more electricity anyhow, so starting from greener power plants is where we should focus.