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Social get together 2 6, 6:47am

@Jake2888 I have a good friend that got covid and has been on a ventilator 3 times has almost died twice and has damage to her heart and scarring on her lungs and throat because of the breathing tube. Oh and she is currently in the hospital as we speak because of complications with her heart and lungs due to covid damage. She is from the UK though so no not Brazilian. My exes mom who I was very close to despite myself and her son breaking up also died at the end of last year because of covid because of her cancer treatments made her immune system shit. Also I am not the one who said everyone should stay home (that was a guy named jogger which I am sure you will blast with your little attitude.)although I am staying the fuck home because I also have bad lungs and I have seen the fucking suffering it can cause. I also live in a place that a bunch of dumb shits decided to have a large protest against the mask laws all of them not wearing masks and then we went into lock down 2 weeks later and there was a surge of cases...guess where alot of them got infected? Yes the fucking pandemic sucks and people have the choice to stay away from each other. I am also really sick of people saying"I don't want to get the vaccine because they will (insert dumbass shit that they read on face book) My city is crawling with them. I have been working from home for the past year and I got vaccinated because despite having the luxury of being able to work from home I have a step son who does not have full use of his lungs because he was born premature. He has 40% capacity in the left and 70% capacity in the other. Covid would kill husband has a bad heart...covid could very easily kill him as well. I also have elderly parents both of which are in thier 70's. I am doing what I can not to take it back to my mother who is thankfully in remission from fucking breast cancer so yes! i will tell some ignorant dipshit to get away from me and wear thier fucking masks properly. The guy who was standing behind me was not working. I knew who he was...he was a tweaker drug addict who has been to jail at least 3 times that I know of and has most likely ended back there since this. So..i will ask you to politely save the attitude for someone who deserves it.