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Too top to be gay 9 7, 7:25pm

There's an easy answer to why only bottoms are seen as "gay" (often with a derogatory implication).
Ancient Greece is often seen as very gay-friendly, but the truth is, sex was mostly seen as a matter of penetration, and by extension domination. The gender of the person a man slept with didn't matter as much as their sexual position. This is why Ancient Greece was so misogynistic, because women could only be the "submissive one" during sex, and men who bottomed were seen as weak because they had the "position of the woman".
Same thing today with all the "So who's the top and who's the bottom?" nonsense about gay male couples that basically became Gender Roles 2.0, because societal norms still view sex (gay or straight) as a tool of domination rather than an act of intimacy. It also explains why lesbian relationships were completely ignored in Ancient Greece, because there was no man involved.

Homophobia is just the weird inbred child of misogyny and toxic masculinity.