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Too top to be gay 12 7, 7:47am

@EricTheRedAndWhite I found this place in 2012, God Bless it, and got hooked immediately. I binge-read almost all of them at that point within a week. I do remember the early days where I felt like this comic was maybe a touch more... NSFW at the time. But then again, those were the days where homosexuality was just becoming acceptable in public (for reference -- I live in the South of the US, so it took a little longer down here and still ain't completely accepted everywhere), let alone some of the other... let's go with non-conventional... portrayals Humon has given us over the years. It's really fascinating how fast what is socially acceptable to be open about has changed just in the last 10 years, so maybe that's why I feel like the newer comics from this series are tamer than the older ones. I've seen you floating around pretty much each comic week in and week out here, so it's a good thing you're a mod. And congratulations on 10 years! Skol!

I guess we're old now. How's life over in Denmark these days? I've got me a good job down in the rural Deep South (fuck the haters, it's the best part of the US and it ain't even close) so I'm pretty happy, but this comic site as well as the ones Humon had on her other site has been one that has made me want to go and explore Northern Europe and Denmark in particular. Maybe someday...

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