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NASA babies 3 8, 2:50am

I was gonna make a bigger description but I had to put in a new bed so I just left the link to the base

anyway here's what I was gonna say

Brother Germany stared at his twins a boy and a girl both named NASA, he knew they had to live with their mother being they were American space organization but still, it had only been 13 years since the end of WWII, during Brother America's new year party he was "hired" to serve refreshment at his party, he met Sister America while taking a stroll through the garden and they talked and drank some and one thing led to another and now nine months later two babies are in his arm

NASA was formed on October 1st, 1958 and nine months before that is January 1st so I imagine they were conceived at a New Year Eve party after Germany and Sister America got BHAD (Bored, Horny and Drunk)