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Too top to be gay 5 8, 1:13am

I remember reading about the bawdy graffiti written on the walls of a Pompey bathouse that were destroyed in 79AD by Mount Vesuvius and rediscovered early last century. On the walls, written in Latin, where the words,( translated into English), "You're only a Eunuch if you take it up the arse'. "Alas fair maidens, I bid you farewell, I have now found love up boys arses". Linius was here, only knew 6 maidens, too few for such a stallion". "Put on you're party hats and make love to pretty boys, you can't do that once your dead". And a poem in Latin that translated to rhyme in English, "Your cock and your nose are so big, if you please, that when you bend over, smell the cheese". Not as high brow as some of the more known scholars, but it was the 1st century equivalent of drawing a massive cock on a toilet wall.