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Everything is relative 5 12, 11:47pm

@xxxxbcxxxx It'll take decades before the US turn their system around, unfortunately... :-(

In Denmark, and be aware, we're only some 5.8 mill... it took a LOOONG time before the system was good enough so everyone have the same opportunities when it comes to healthcare. Now, it doesn't matter how rich you are, or if you live in a box behind an outhouse, you're taken care of if you get admitted, or even go see a random doctor, so being sick and not getting some sort of treatment is a choice here....

It wouldn't be such a big scare for many 'Muricans how we do the healthcare bit, if people would educate themselves on Denmark (or any other Scandinavian country's) political and public system. I've heard from friends in the US that they get told, even at college, that we a socialists AF, and we all live on the grace of our state.. Every time i have that discussion, lately at Thanksgiving (I have Family in Minnesota) I had to, while being kinda drunk ;-) Educate 9 family members, all 60+ on why, and how we are not a socialist country, even better.. one dumbass is even born here...

So, LOONG story short. Before all the old farts die out, and you guys start electing officials (red. POTUS's) who aren't 70-80+ years old, nothing will ever change... Sadly.. :-*