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Everything is relative 8 12, 6:47am

We have these things called states, it is their job to manage people. So it makes sense for it to start there. California nearly had a system recently, but it failed to pass. Get it going in a state to show it's possible and it'll spread to others and at some point become national.

Too many fail to realize they live in a state that's basically a country that's forfeited certain powers to a Federal government and go about pretending the USA has total control like any other country elsewhere when it doesn't. They end up totally ignoring state and local elected officials who have the most impact on their life, only paying close attention to the national level or worse, just the president. Then wonder why we are a "shit hole". Would a European country blame the EU for everything and ignore it's own politicians causing the mess? That's what is happening in the USA.

So basically what I'm saying is get your state in order, then have greater expectations on the country that no one trusts because it's foundations are crumbling while everyone gawks at the bell tower.