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Everything is relative 8 12, 3:36pm

I am an American, and I am on Medicaid. So far, I have paid only dental bills in the last 3 years. I also live in a blue state that expanded Medicaid under the ACA. (Obamacare, for the non-Americans.) All hospital, ambulance, and even surgical bills were paid 100%.

I got very lucky to choose a Medicaid plan designed for diabetics, the year before I was diagnosed. However, if I leave the state for more than 30 consecutive days, or start making a living wage, I will no longer be eligible.

I wish, at the very least, that Medicaid covered everyone in the US, but there's such a stigma. I've had an urgent care center literally turn me away when they saw my Medicaid card. Some people have sneered at me for "taking advantage of the system" when I was at the hospital because I'd collapsed at school.

It is f'd up, but that won't change until the politicians do.