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Everything is relative 26 12, 10:37am


As a born Yankee of Nordic "ancestry", I second this.

(Note: "ancestry" is in quotes, because all those who have been following this comic know how our forebears treated 'illegitimate' children.)

(Second Note: Yes, I know as a standard that those of Norse heritage don't recognize Americans whose ancestors came from the Nordic countries as "Norse", but it's still my heritage, dagnabit, and I'm proud of my cousins-across-the-lake who made Nazis go broke, who made the oppressive British Empire shiver in fear, who discovered the Americas, who had gender-non-binary gods, who were awesome at all kinds of Things, and who loved growing multiculturally from helping build the great wall of China - to traveling with the Romani - to trading with Muslims when all southern Europeans could do was fight them.)