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Slightly different systems 21 1, 9:03pm

... wait, what? The only elections *held by the EU* (since we see King EU here) with public voting are those for the European Parliament
and they happen every five years. (Which also makes the U.S. *presidential* elections the proper ones to compare them to, if any.)

Next level down, we have national elections, e.g., the federal one in Germany every four years
Germany has states, e.g., NRW has state elections every *five* years again
etc. ad communem.

Yes, we *can* have elections out of turn, in particular when the parliamentary groups of political parties prove unable to hash out a working coalition government between themselves. That's not necessary in U.S. presidential elections because an order of succession is firmly nailed down right in the constitution, and will be applied through the remainder of the election period, come hell or high water over DC ...