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A snail in the hand is better than 10 on the roof 16 2, 6:29pm

I'm not sure if this counts but in Finland there is a very old saying "jos ei viina, terva ja sauna auta niin sitten perii hauta", which means something like "if booze, tar and sauna doesn't heal you then you're dead". There are many versions of it and I've heard that in one old version having sex is also considered a medicine (social distancing not so well done). Basically going to see a doctor has not been possible or it has been seen as unnecessary so those are the medicine that should do the job.

Especially sauna has been seen as a magical place where you can heal. Too bad going to sauna can actually make illnesses worse so people have died because of it (or so I've heard). Today the saying is usually just a joke people use when they're sick but don't see a need or just don't want to go to a doctor.