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Slava Ukraini 11 3, 11:59am

I keep seeing news and video from Ukraine, and every bit of it breaks my heart. I just want to go there and hold every child's hand, comfort every mother and grandmother crying, support every father fighting. If I weren't old and broken I'd happily go there and drive a truck or an evacuation bus just so one more person could go out and fight. (That being the one thing I know how to do that could help)

A generation of Russians will know hardship and want because of Putin's ego. A generation of Russian mothers will see their children come home from a conflict against their brothers with PTSD, if they come home at all. A generation of Russian people will know only that their leaders started a war they couldn't win for nothing but tears and sorrow.

We can only hope that saner minds will stop Putin from raining down nuclear fire, for Ukrainian children's sake, for Russian children's sake, and for all the world's children.

And thank you Poland and Romania and Moldova and all the other European countries that have opened their hearts and their wallets to help the refugees. And Finland who is accepting Russian refugees. I'd like to say the United States would do the same, but I know my country too well.