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Slava Ukraini

Slava Ukraini

Hey Putin, you big dumb idiot. If you’re killing people in Ukraine because you are afraid of NATO then you really fucked up. You are the monster that reminded people why NATO was created.

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10th March 2022
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2 years ago #9871041        

Dear Putin,

You had the power to make your country truly shine, truly great.
Instead, you have set back all the work done prior to your presidency, and even that of your own, for decades.
Trust is hard-earned and too easy to loose. Nobody is going to trust Russia again, for a long time.
Your country is going to face a recession after this, because of you.
Is it going to be worth it? If you win, fighting rebels everywhere while the rest of the world reviles you.
I hope that history remembers you as how you ought to be remembered - as a man who destroyed his country, by the power of his own megalomania.

All who agree

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2 years ago #9870666        

This has to end NOW.

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2 years ago #9870709        

Thank you for not using your standard ‘cute’ avatars in the comic. It’s too serious an issue.

2 years ago #9870675        

Sometimes i feel like Putin should be a separate character (Another skin-blob), but then i remember that a lot of people from Russia believe and blindly trust him
And this is extremely scary. This is so terrible. It's just so fucked up. And the war itself is fucked up


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2 years ago #9871594        

Ukraine will never give up


2 years ago #9870923        

I do hope most of us can agree. Putin is a prick and a horribly human being.

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2 years ago #9871258        

I have been so waiting for your cartoon on this.
First Go Ukraine.
Zelenskyy you appear to be truly a servant of the People.
My father a US Air Force sergeant served in Canada and Germany with NATO. I was a US Army Signal Corps served with NATO. So I too understand why NATO exists. There those in my country that ignores the fact with the rare exception that whatever conflict we were involved in there were our allies in NATO and elsewhere.
Strength in numbers. We have our differences in them there lies strengths. I hope Sweden and Finland both join as that looks to be a possibility. The countries are small in size. History shows you don't mess with them. And I never ever want to get on the wrong side of Finland.
It annoys me many in my country support Putin and calling the End of NATO. as former President Trump does. It is a shame.

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2 years ago #9871051        

NATO was formed to counteract Russian aggression. At the time it was Soviet Russia at the head of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, but at the end of things it was Russia, first and foremost, who was seen as the adversary. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, some people began to forget that fact.

Putin has reminded us all. Much like Hitler, he planned on a jittery and disunited West being unable or unwilling to fight him. He was wrong.

Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava!

2 years ago #9873050        

We thought that the Russian army was the second most powerful in the world. This aggressive Russian invasion taught us that the Russian army is only the second most powerful in Ukraine.

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2 years ago #9870733        

I wonder why Putin doesn't walk on crutches yet...? how much he shoots himself in the foot recently...!

Tries to stop NATO expansion
Result: Ukraine, Finland and Swenden want to join NATO

Tries to Anschluß 2.0/Ukraine heim ins Reich
Result: Ukranian resistence stiffens more and more

Threatening with nukes
Result: Even SWIZERLAND (!) joins the boykott

Spreads lies and fake-news how evil EU and NATO are
Result: More and more countries want to join EU and NATO

I wonder where - if he survives ,and dosen't shoot* himself in the Füh... äh i mean Kremlin's President-Bunker - where will he go for exile...?
China ?
North-Korea ?
Belarussia ?
Mar-a-Lago ?

*most likely he won't shoot himself, he's more the poisening-type...!

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