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Slava Ukraini 11 3, 7:37pm

I wonder why Putin doesn't walk on crutches yet...? how much he shoots himself in the foot recently...!

Tries to stop NATO expansion
Result: Ukraine, Finland and Swenden want to join NATO

Tries to Anschluß 2.0/Ukraine heim ins Reich
Result: Ukranian resistence stiffens more and more

Threatening with nukes
Result: Even SWIZERLAND (!) joins the boykott

Spreads lies and fake-news how evil EU and NATO are
Result: More and more countries want to join EU and NATO

I wonder where - if he survives ,and dosen't shoot* himself in the Füh... äh i mean Kremlin's President-Bunker - where will he go for exile...?
China ?
North-Korea ?
Belarussia ?
Mar-a-Lago ?

*most likely he won't shoot himself, he's more the poisening-type...!