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Slava Ukraini 11 3, 10:48pm


I think the most likely good ending is going to be Putin having sudden health issues - a serious case of lead poisoning that tends to happen to dictators that f**k things up - and his replacement deciding Russia is better off getting out of the pit that he dug it into. Even then there will be a lot of dead and injured and Ukraine's going to need a hell of a lot of aid to help repair the damage.

After 20+ years as supreme ruler I doubt he has the clearness of vision to realise that he's losing and hence needs to run. Plus that would really need a lot more pressure on Russia to make those around him want to make his position untenable. If he did I suspect he would run if he got the chance. Probably to China as that's the only fellow dictator that would be both strong enough and [possibly] has the will to resist Ukraine/western pressure for him being handed over for trial.