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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 2:30pm

'@comrade'_Comrade "It's ok only when you do it? Tough luck, Mr. Expert."
-I don't bother with the personal attacks, slugger. It just feeds your victim complex.

"Quote the original statement you latched on to."
-More projection. But it does remind me of the irony that if Chechnya "never was" (i.e. no 'legitimate' government) then you're whining about Russians murdering Russians. Hey I can be almost as dishonest as you.

"You don't have any. Name all the coups that happened in Chechnya since 1990, with dates and major participants. Point out which ones were directed by Moscow and provide some proof."
-Already did. You rejected it because it didn't fit your hate.

"Can't do that? Oh well, try reading my mind, that might help."
-And more victim-complex and personal attacks because you shamed yourself earlier. Because your emotions clouded your judgement and you spat out foolish statements you couldn't retract.

Because again, that's what this is all about. You're just baying for blood. Desperate in your hate. It doesn't matter what the rest of us do, as long as we're alive you'll be out to kill us. And if we're dead you'll turn on your neighbors. It's how you define your life.