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Slava Ukraini 21 3, 11:24pm

This whole thing started a long time ago, the Crimea has been part of Russia for 100s of years, in 1954 when ukraine was part of the Soviet Union it redrew its borders anexing Crimea without a local vote which was against Soviet law, Russia let it slide as they were all part of the USSR,
We fast forward to 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed and Ukraine broke from Russia taking Crimea with it, the result was the Crimeans protesting the Ukrainian government to be returned to Russia. Control as the Crimea is a out 98% Russian speaking ethnic russians the other 2% is made up of ukranian and Slavs.
Between 91 and 2014 Crimea held no less than 3 referendums requesting their independence from Ukraine. Every time the vote came back with 97-99% in favour of independence, and every time the Ukrainian government refused the vote
This resulted in protests in 2014 where the Ukrainian government asked Russia to send in troops to assist in peace keeping efforts, resulting in snipers (later identified as ukranian police) shooting both russian personal and Crimean civilians, causing the revolution of dignity.

This resulted in the Crimean protestors overthrowing the ukranian government and declaring themselves independent. Russia refused to accept this as they saw it as an illegal coup, and demanded another vote be held after a new government was installed. Despite 97.5% of Crimeans voting for independence the new Ukrainian government again refused to accept the vote sparking again more protests, so the ukranian government cut off all power and water supplies to the Crimean peninsula.

Russia then moved in and hooked Crimea to its power grid and provided fresh water. On top of this they modernised the airport and repaired the roads and bridges.
The Crimeans then built a security fence and declared themselves independent, while it was accepted by Russia and many other countries the US and EU refused to acknowledge Crimean independence, causing it all to come to a head now with the current russian invasion which is on the behest of 3 regions of the Ukraine (Crimea and a can't remember the other two off the top of my head) asking Russia to help in their fight for independence.

TLDR: don't listen to the BS propaganda the media puts out, Russia has more legitimate reason to invade Ukraine than any war the US has fought in the last 30 years