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Slava Ukraini 19 5, 8:11pm

@stevep59 No, there's no real question at this point that the Russian army is currently the second most powerful army in Ukraine. In the north, Russia has been pushed out. In the northeast, they're being pushed back to their own border. In the south, they're no longer a threat to Mykolaiv, and Ukraine forces have advanced to within artillery range of Kherson. I expect Izium and Kherson will be retaken within a month at the rate the Russian 'advance' is going. Russia has now lost more than 100% of the number of tanks they'd originally intended to commit to this war. Ukraine has more tanks than they did at the start. Most of Russia's tanks were stored in conditions that mean they're unusable without significant refurbishment that Russia is incapable of doing without parts that they cannot get. And they've lost over 28,000 troops, with about 200 more dying every day, wounded and out of the fight typically triples killed.
Russia has effectively already lost this war. The only question is how messy it's going to be. A dead Putin would likely end it sooner.