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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 10:48pm

'@Horsi' Ah, but they're such interesting politics...

In the last 20 years...

-Russia tried to assassinate the president (Yuschenko) with dioxin poison; shortly after he had thrown a nazi in jail.
-Russia managed to bribe their way into owning a president (Yanukovych).
-This was despite Yuschenko's poisoning stirring up a lot of resentment. Ukraine still did not unite against Russia yet.
-The puppet Yanukovych was so spectacularly corrupt and incompetent (and submissive to Russia) that the Maidan revolution happened.
-The Maidan revolution featured protesters fighting some particularly brutal (illegal) military police assaults and winning.
-Russia sent an army dressed in plain clothes (war crime) to 3 provinces which then "had uprisings" and "declared independence".
-They only actually WON in Crimea, since a slim majority of the actual locals liked the idea (and immediately began oppressing their non-Russian citizens).
-In Crimea, hilariously, they would have won their little trumped-up election with a slim majority (55%?) but decided to cheat anyway.
-Crimea was immediately economically crippled because they were too busy screaming hate at Ukraine to set up really basic trade deals like paying for the Ukrainian water they used to get for free.
-Ukraine, robbed of most of its pro-russian voting bloc and united against the robbers seems to have much smoother elections now.
-Russia spent the next 8 years sending their best military into Donbas and Luhansk with limited rules of engagement, which seems to have gotten them killed.
-Ukraine spent that time sending green troops to get combat experience, and apparently Ukraine is a lot better at fighting than Russia when neither side is committing the really big war crimes.
-Trump did his best to undercut all the military aid we sent to Ukraine.
-Trump got fired.
-Russia invaded in a panic with a lousy, rushed plan.