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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 12:40pm

'@comrade'_Comrade lol, and yet again you get angrier and hurl more insults because I pointed out your own hypocrisy and hate. "Mr. Expert" because even the really BASIC facts prove you wrong. I'll remind you again even if your 30 years of propaganda and convoluted conspiracy theories were true, it wouldn't make Chechnya RELEVANT to Ukraine, just another strawman. Normally a straw-man fallacy involves you creating a false argument and then pushing it down, but you can't even do that right and make a false argument that defeats you instead. "9/11 truther" accurately describes the porridge in your head.

But of course facts don't matter. Only your hate matters. Only your rage. Only your desperate desire to kill everyone who isn't your tribe and equally desperate desire to believe you're the victim. So you happily support the bombing of hospitals, the shelling of evacuating civilians *after agreeing not to*, the transport of arms and ammunition in ambulances, the attacks on nuclear facilities endangering you as much as your hated enemies. All for blood, all for hate, all for you.

So glad not everyone in Russia is like you, hope they take power someday. Until then we'll watch and wait. Can't do much else.