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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 1:41am

'@boring7' first thing first:
"Just like you know that the victims of terror, mass murder and rape were Ukrainians, Armenians, Chechens, and Russians and the perpetrators of terror, mass murder, and rape were Ukrainians, Armenians, Chechens, and Russians."
Funny how you try mention ethnicities and missed the ones that were third, fourth, and fifth most represented in places like Shelkovskaya, not to mention Naurskaya. You really are talking about something you don't know. Doubling down on the lie doesn't make it true, particularly for someone who had relatives in the region.

"since I know about the Moscow-backed '92 coup attempt"
It was only "Moscow-backed" in statements of Dudaev's "foreign ministry". That's even below "9/11 was an inside job" level.
There was zero participation from what remained of Russian-controlled military that was still there and was withdrawn few months after the event. If Moscow would back anyone in that internal political clash, they wouldn't be wiped out by Basaev as easily.
The one that _could have_ been sponsored by Moscow happened much later, even certain boxing enthusiast allegedly bought by Grachev didn't come into play until a couple years later.

As for "perpetrators of terror", I'd like to see some evidence of your idea that "Chechen housing plan" was carried out by someone other than Chechens. Although you're accidentally right, some people from UNA-UNSO participated on Chechen side in 1994-1996.

"Chechnya was a terrible mess then, the Russian government did not move in to stop the killing, they moved in to make sure Ethnic Russians had the highest "score""
In 1994, after multiple attempts of negotiations, and absolutely permissive attitude towards Dudaev's illegitimate government up to a point when even aviso debacle became possible?
Or before that, when state of emergency was declared and practically failed in less than two days MVD personnel was _disarmed_ and Yeltsin just pretended that nothing happened?