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Slava Ukraini 14 3, 10:07am

'@Joggar' Didn't feel the need since it's all very public knowledge. I personally went off of memory but it's not hard to look up events based on the names I dropped. Honestly though my favorite part about the whole thing is in spite of rantings by propagandists there's no real evidence of involvement by US intelligence. After 70 years of malfeasance it's a mild comfort to watch events and feel fairly confident my tax dollars weren't murdering people there.

The fact that you're using the Ben Shapiro meme does certainly put your child-frame Russia-fellating into an amusing context though.

The real joke of this whole thing is that Russia is now spending uncountable amounts of money and lives because they tried to save money. See Ukrainian politics are pretty fractious and it was easy-peasy for a Russian-backed candidate to buy/bribe/bull*&%$ his way into office. He'd only win with 32% of the vote but because NONE of the other ethnic/religious/etc. factions could get along he's still *win* most of the time. But winning elections and then maintaining the bare minimum of national approval needed to avoid an uprising was just too much. Putin got tired of doing it with his puppets (and probably got tired of dealing with the people so corrupt they would agree to be his puppet). So he kicked over the card table, removed Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk from the voting public and ensured the remaining factions were united against him.

Selling his car to save money on gas and spending twice as much on taxi service; metaphorically speaking. It's actually funny as well as sad.

Seems I mixed up some dates on the nazi prisoner

And many more. Ukraine's a messy place with a lot of squabbly tribes. There's interesting history (and bloody, as history often is). But it is what it is. Moreover you don't seem to care for facts or logic. Just emotional attacks and shameless simping for a dictator. You'll do what you do, and I'll keep making fun of you. Because it's funny.