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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 8:05am

'@comrade'_Comrade I was going to let your nonsensical conspiracy theory pass but since you insist. No, Moscow backed several coup attempts. They failed. That's just how it went down, no matter how that makes you feel.

But there we have it all. Any victim that wasn't Russian didn't matter or didn't exist. Any terrorist that was Russian didn't matter or didn't exist. All the evidence of Moscow backing coups or ethnic russian militias committing atrocities are "conspiracies" and all conspiracies are interlinked with Chechens and Ukrainians and NATO all being one giant entity. Ukrainians and Armenians fleeing their homes in nation after nation are irrelevant but Ethnic Russians are proof that everyone is against them. Local governments are "illegitimate" or "legitimate" based entirely on their obedience to the Russian Ethnostate. Genocide doesn't count unless it's happening to Russians.

In your mind Ethnic Russians are perfect, flawless creatures who can do no wrong and ALL other groups are absolute monsters who can do no right. Simple, childish, black-and-white thinking that says Russia is alone and must destroy or enslave EVERYONE who isn't Russian 'in self-defense'. This is why the Russian Federation finds itself isolated, it CHOOSES to declare everyone an enemy no matter what they do or don't.

Grow up.