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Slava Ukraini 12 3, 12:46pm

'@comrade'_Comrade Like I said, that period where Russia (metaphorically) set the house on fire before running in and being confused as to why they were getting burned. Russia fanned the flames of petty tribal tensions and then rolled in the tanks to try and make sure Russians 'won' the bigotry battle.

Chechnya wasn't going to suddenly become a nice place on its own and EVERYBODY there had dirty, blood-caked hands but the Russian Federation Government did it's best to make things *worse* as an excuse for conquest. Everybody knows it except the certified victim-card players like you.

Try to remember we were talking about "war being bad" and your response was, "after 2 Moscow-backed coup attempts failed things were really bad in Chechnya (implicit: so that makes it all right to commit war crimes in Ukraine)".

To say nothing of 300 dead russians murdered by FSB agents. But that was long AFTER the brutal brand of "peace" that did nothing but increase the fighting. Yeah bringing up Chechnya basically proves the point that you're just a programmed little goober; obeying the propaganda of a government that wants you to hate and fear everyone and trust them because of it.