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Slava Ukraini 21 4, 9:50am

@Violetta You *do* realise he doesn't cares? He didn't care when he took away years of people's pensions, didn't care when sent soldiers to Syria, didn't care when his natguards beaten, tortured and occasionally murdered our own citizens, didn't care in 2014 when he threw weapons into Donbass, didn't care when four dozen children burned alive in "Winter Cherry" mall, didn't care in 2008 when he was a PM and army marched into Ossetia, he never cared. Not during Nord-Ost, not during Beslan, not when Kursk have sunk and surviving sailors needed help. "What happened? It sunk," said he with a slight smirk. He found it funny. He found funny dozens of people suffocating to death because he refused international help. He doesn't care, and never did. Whatever motivates him - it has nothing to do with motives of the sane, adequate, healthy people. And probably *never* did.

People suffering and dying, no matter who they are, is acceptable for him. Always was.