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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 11:38am

'@boring7' " I was going to let your nonsensical conspiracy theory pass but since you insist. No, Moscow backed several coup attempts. They failed. That's just how it went down, no matter how that makes you feel. "
Mr. Expert forgot that _after_ the coup he was talking about Grachev left to Dudayev a huge chunk of remaining military equipment, including some that was in Grozny at the time of the "coup". At least another coup after that was by Dudayev himself, that one must have been sponsored by Moscow too. Missing things like this happen when you start with what you've skimmed off the wikipedia article and then begin looking for anything that justifies your position once your obvious mistake was pointed out.
Of course it is convenient when you take Dudayev's opinion that coup against him was directed from Moscow, and then take his opposition's opinion that Dudayev's coup was directed from Moscow.

And of course Mr. Expert doesn't know that events in spring 1992 in Shelkovskaya were directed against non-Chechens, with Russians being one of two biggest groups, second of which Mr. Expert doesn't seem to know. Mr. Expert should have gone to Mozdok or Ordzhonikidze, and explained that fleeing people were full of crap and it was probably other Russians who terrorized them in Grozny or put those heads on fences in Shelkovskaya. Of course, Mr. Expert soundly defeated the original suggestion that people who knew about ethnic cleansing, industry of hostage- and slave-taking, and random acts of terror less than two hours by car away from them lived in greater fear than those who only see snippets of Syria-like war on Youtube or Telegram.

You think you're scoring some points here, in reality you're just retracing step by step process, by which a lot of liberal journalists and human rights activists discredited themselves in Russia. Once you start using 9/11 truther-level theories to justify the scum that was ISIS-before-ISIS just, you can continue looking credible only to Westerners who still have propaganda porridge in their heads, or younger liberal Russians who just hate the government and will take any opinion against it as a fact.

Maybe if he would be still around, Dzhokhar would give you a shiny medal for this like he did it to another guy who then spent so much time denying that he was talking on that radio. That particular event did wonders for his career and public image.